Passri’ Scrapona
Strevi DOC passito

100% Moscato Bianco.

Strevi, Bagnario Valley, Scrapona hill. Vineyard planted in 1996, using the wood from the old vines previously planted here. The soil is mainly sand and marl, with south-west exposure.

Moscato grapes are selected and dried following an ancient technique whereby the warmth of the sun and the blowing of the wind naturally concentrate the fruit’s sugars and aromas. After two months of drying on straw mats the grapes are softly pressed. Selected skins are left to ferment with the must in stainless steel. The fermentaion stops naturally without filtration due to the high level of alcol and sugars. Then the wine is aged in old barrels for two years.

Intense yellow gold with amber highlights, ample bouquet with notes of candied citrus, apricot and spices; on the palate hints of fresh and dried fruit, spices and baked apple.

Excellent way to end a meal with confectionary or pastries as well as with cheeses, including blue-veined, foie gras and patè.

Store the bottle horizontal in a cool dark place. The wine ages well for decades. Open and serve at 12°C in small glasses for dessert wines. After opening the wine preserves its good taste for long time.