Our history dates back to 1925 with Michele Marenco’s dream. He wanted to make wine from his vineyard in the heart of the Bagnario Valley, Strevi, an area already recognized for high quality viticulture.

His son Giuseppe was a person with passion and vision. Deeply tied to his roots he was able to continue the production of quality wines and spread the passion to his family, friends and customers.
In 1956, he built his winery in the center of the village of Strevi, where all the winemaking process still take place.

In the early 2000 his three daughters, Michela, with her husband Giovanni Costa, Patrizia, and Doretta took over “the family dream ” with his same enthusiasm and dedication.
Andrea Costa, Michela and Giovanni’s first son, joined the company in 2014.

Today Marenco’s property extends to the original area of Strevi, vocated for Moscato and Brachetto, and to the area of Nizza, villages of Fontanile and Castel Boglione, where Barbera has been cultivated for centuries

Seventy hectars of vineyards cultivated with the farmer sensibility of our grandparents and an innovative commitment to Sustainable Agricolture.

Even the Company logo, two wild mallards in flight, was inspired by our land, the lake at the Bassina Estate in Fontanile.

All Marenco wines are produced with indigenous grapes grown in our vineyards and bottled at the Estate.
Every choice is led by the desire to make wines that express the land they come from, wines recognized for their outstanding quality, wines able to accompany and to emotion.